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Email linking, contracts template/tab

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Email linking, contracts template/tab

Hello ACT! users group.


I am new to ACT! I have been given the task by my company to input our data and make ACT! a beneficial tool.

I am running ACT! Premium Version, Hotfix 1

OS: Win XP Pro, Office 2003 SP3


I have several questions.

One thing I am running into early on is they want email tracking/history. I have it setup to record my emails and it works great. Is there a way to track non-ACT users email? I have read about some users problems with attaching emails as PDFs. Is there a less time consuming option, an add-on ACT! or Outlook related that does the same linking between my consultants emails and the ACT! address book/database? Eventually our consultants will get ACT!. But it is a necessity to start the linking/tracking or email now.

- Also, is there an ACT! program that searches past email .PST’s so I can link emails with employees and clients on our ACT! database?

- If above options are not possible, what is the best solution to link emails with employees to clients?

- I am sure I am not the first to ask these questions, is Sage working on solutions?

- Before I started with the company a Rep came to demo the ACT software. My boss said that we had limited space for attachments? She said she was repeating what the Rep said during the presentation. Our database is on a server, I would think it is only limited by HD space. Anyone know what she is referring to?

- One more question, we draw up a lot of contracts, it would be nice to go paperless. Is there an add-on so I can link the monthly contracts with the individual companies in our database; then have a custom template checklist that goes with each contract? The opportunities tab doesn’t seem to offer enough options or am I missing something there?


Thank you so much for your help and taking the time to read this.

Matt Gibson

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Re: Email linking, contracts template/tab

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If a user does not have ACT! installed on their machine, then they will not have access to an ACT! address book. The address book is added to a user's individual installation of Outlook and is based on their ACT! login.  Without ACT!, then another ACT! user will have to manually attach those emails to the contacts, which means they would have to have the messages in their Outlook mailbox.  There are no add-ons that I know of that will work with an ACT! database unless ACT! is installed on the local machine.


The Attachments file is not part of your ACT! data file, so it is only limited by the hard drive space available. But like any directory, if it becomes too large, it can become problematic.


You can create custom templates through ACT!s integration with MS Word.  When you run these templates, they can be attached to the history of ACT! contacts.  You can have them automatically attach by printing them, or you can save the document to a file and then manually attach either under the History tab or the Documents tab.  To create a custom template, go to Write, then New Letter/Email Template and add in ACT! fields from the field list.  There are some add-on products that can enhance this functionality.  Visit or for a catalog of ACT! add-on software.



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Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Email linking, contracts template/tab

It appears only Contact fields can be used in Word templates. What about Product and opportunity fields?