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Email attachments can't subsequently be opened

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Email attachments can't subsequently be opened

Hi,  we've got two ongoing problems with our ACT setup - which I'll post in separate messages.  Our UK Act support is not being very supportive right now so I thought I'd see if anyone else was experiencing the issues.  We're running v10.0.1.199 with a mix of desktop (accessing the main database direct) and laptop users (using remote databases).


PROBLEM 2: This problem has been seen by two laptop users:  It is NOT the old problem of ACT 2007 where a remote user's email attachment couldn't be seen by a second remote user after synchronisation (but could be seen on the Main database).  In this case, an email is attached by a user, and that same user is then (immediately afterwards) unable to open the email using the paperclip hotlink.  Following synchronisation, the attachment CANNOT be opened in the main database, nor by a second remote user (following his synchronisation).  We're running XP and Outlook 2003 SP3.


This seems to have started recently and MAY be related to our IT infrastructure and system updates.  Trouble is, these updates are hard to pin down as our IT is outsourced.  Any help would be very very welcome.


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Re: Email attachments can't subsequently be opened

Are they receiving an error message when they try to open the attachment?

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Email attachments can't subsequently be opened

I have seen this before.

  1. What is the error message?
  2. Was this a database migrated from ACT! 2006 (8.0)?
  3. At any point did you copy the attachments from a remote database into the main database in an attempt to overcome a problem where attached emails could not be opened? If yes, was that done as an ACT! 2006 database or as an ACT! 2008 database?  

Graeme Leo
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Re: Email attachments can't subsequently be opened

Thanks gleo and ghollister, I've taken a long weekend during a rare British sunny weekend so I will check on our specific points on Tuesday (but I still can't resist checking the forums!). All I can say right now is we have migrated up the versions, including 2006, but not directly - only through 2007 to 2008. I can't remember whether the guys said they got a specific error message or not. Will report back.... Andy