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Email attaching on a Terminal Server

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Email attaching on a Terminal Server

I am having trouble attaching Email to History on a Terminal Server.

ACT 2011 Prem SP1 HF1

Database on SBS 2003

Terminal Server 2003


We set the Qpath up for each user, Address Book set up (and reset), icons are always present in Outlook

Attachment Status envelope in system tray not always present.


Emails will attach one day than stop the next. They may start attaching again with no changes to the set up but the email that did not attach never attach, it doesnt catch up at some point.


If I browse to the History Queue folder the emails that dont attach are there, but the icon in the system tray to try to attempt to reattach is not always there.


We have done a reinstall, techsupport did a reinstall, same issue.

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Re: Email attaching on a Terminal Server

Make sure that for each user logging in that Act.Outlook.SErvice.exe starts?  that could cause it..  Log in to term server as admin, go to  task manager and then log in as a user and look for all the act serveices to start upon login

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