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Email Torture

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Email Torture

I think I have had email problems with every version of Act! after version 6. Always some sort of compatibility issue or cryptic error. I figured a brand-new Windows 10 machine with Office 2016 and Act! 2018 (just launched) would be a snap. Instead, same torture.


I setup Outlook in Act! but when I click an email address to send an email I get some "not configured for this OS" error. I search Act's knowledgebase and they blame MS. I follow the provided link and MS says to "right click on the program giving you the trouble" to change the compatibility mode!  The app is Act! !!  OK, so since I'm trying to send an email maybe the problem app is Outlook!? But wait; Outlook is running just fine all by itself.  Nonetheless I follow MS' instructions only to discover they don't apply to Win 10/Office 2016. OK. Abandon Outlook in Act! and use "Internet mail" instead, right? Nope. After setting-up Internet Mail in Act! I get the pop-up window "If the test fails see this KB article". Well, the test fails. So I go read the KB article only to discover that it applies to the WinXP OS.


So what's the deal, Swiftpage? I'm using the latest releases of everything and I'm seeing the same problems that have existed for probably 10+ years.  IS or will there ever be a solution?



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Re: Email Torture

I am sorry to hear you have been having issues with your system.


Have you tried the workaround steps at the bottom of this article?