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Email Questions

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Email Questions

Hi all,


I have still a few simple questions.


1) when quick attaching and the email attaches to the customer record. How can we see the complete full HTML email within act ? it shows me the email BUT if there are any pictures of items or log is becomes a url link.


2) when quick attaching an email and replying to the email is there a way in the Hostory to see which email came in and which email were outgoing ?


3) when I quick attach an email and in Outlook it has several PDF documents as attachments. In Act it only shows me an msg link which when I click on it it opens outlook and shows me this email. How can I show these pdf attachments in act ?


4) when an email come in from a customer and we have logged in act an email account for this customer BUT the email that just came in came from his/her other email account. (secondary email account for business) How can I tell act when I want to attach to the contacts that it should be save under this customer even though in act we have their other email on file.


5) when clicking on the history and you pick a specific email(history) you need to reply to. where do you go to reply to the specific history. I cannot seem to find it.


6) when quick attaching an email to act. the email is still in Outlook. can this email be deleted ? or does it need to be filed in outlook in order for act to reference it later ?


7) I tried using the Internet Mail instead of Outlook  as it seems to alow my laptop to work much faster. Can I do mailmerges and emailing to groups with Internetl Mail ?

Can I do HTML based emails ?

What is the benefit of using outlook over internet mail ?


Thanks in advance for the help.



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Re: Email Questions

1) No - well, kind of no.  If you have ACT! setup in preferences to save emails as subject and body text, than it does not keep HTML formatting nor attachments.


If you change this setting to include attachments, than what ACT! does is actually create a file that contains the whole email with the embedded formatting and any attachments.  That sounds pretty good.  Downside?  Each one of those email files gets copied to the same location in the ACT! datastore (cannot be modified) and this will get BIG pretty fast - especially if you have multiple users.


2) Emails sent are logged as "Email Sent" for sent, "Email Attachment" for inbound that you attach.


4)  You can select any - and more than one - contact to which ACT! should attach an email to when using the Attach to Contact button (NOT Quick Attach).  If ACT! resolves an address, it will already put those contacts in the selected list, but you can certainly remove those contacts and add others using this function.