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Edit synch set - extremely slow never finishes

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Edit synch set - extremely slow never finishes

I wondered if any one else has experienced this problem. When I go to edit a synch set in act 10 - premium for workgroups and palm OS 3.0 I have a terrible time with getting it to finish in a timely manner.
I understand part of my problem might have been the Norton antivirus software might have been interfering with with act.
I turned the services off.
Still I don't understand. I edited a synch set. It would pull back 2 records from an 11,000 database. I hit finish.
It took a good 10 to 15 minutes to create a synch set with 2 records. I have lots of memory, I have gone thru the check and repair.
I went thru the document on how to rebuild and tune your database from act .
Does any one else experience this problem...
how can I speed this up
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Re: Edit synch set - extremely slow never finishes

What function makes it stop responding?
Have you opened Task Manager to see what is running?
Is this a new sync set that you will overright the Palm with?
Have you updated ACT! to 10.01 or 10.02?
Does it happen if you try in the demo database?