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Edit Replace Name Prefix

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Edit Replace Name Prefix


I have to correct a database where 2,500 records have a duplicate Name prefix such as Mr. Mr. If this was any normal field I could do in a couple of minutes with Edit Replace but as the Name Prefix is a system field it is not in the list of available fields.


Does anyone know of a way of doing this or an add-on that gives access to bulk edit this field?

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Re: Edit Replace Name Prefix

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Hello ch1p,
If the duplicates are both in the Name Prefix field, then you should be able to clean this up with an export/import:
- Back up the database
- Add the Name Prefix, First Name, and Last Name columns (Middle Name if using) to contact list view
- Export To Excel the contacts with the duplicate prefixes. Delete the Contact column, since it also contains the duplicate prefixes. You will importing just the individual name part fields - First Name, Last Name, etc.).
- Use the Edit/Replace function in Excel to remove the duplicate prefix. (i.e., replace "Mr. Mr." with just "Mr.") from the Name Prefix column

- In ACT! preferences, make sure duplicate checking is on and set to check the First Name and Last Name fields (not the full contact name field).
- Import the contacts back into ACT!. Use the "Replace with source contact" option during the import.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Edit Replace Name Prefix

Thanks for your reply Greig


I am going to try the add-on Swiss Army Knife first but if that is unable to do the job then I will follow your instructions.




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Re: Edit Replace Name Prefix

Hi Grieg,

I have the same problem with the new version of ACT! Premium. Only some contacts name prefix have been duplicated. I tried the procedure of export and re-import you suggested to fix the problem more than 3 times without success.

Probably this procedure is no more effective. 

Is there a an alternate way to fix?


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