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Edit E-mail History in multiple records?

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Edit E-mail History in multiple records?

Is there a way to search through Act! v18 for a specific phrase when an e-mail blast was done to multiple records in the history and delete that phrase easily without having to go through each contact?


For example:


An e-mail was sent to 100-contacts and it has the phrase "Test" and we want to delete the phrase "Test" from the activity in the Act! history.  


Hopefully, that makes sense.  I thought I did that once before but can't remember how to do it.


Thanks again!

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Re: Edit E-mail History in multiple records?

[ Edited ]

BACK UP your DB first and or Do Save As Copy DB to run this solution.

Go to History List.

Then above the list of records select in the far right Options (Fields/Columns) have Result, Creation Date, Edit Date, Regarding.

Then above those columns you define the filters. Unless your not running an SSD drive and have over 16,000 History type of records and its real slow you can decide if you want to set the Date range.

Next Types: select None then Check the box for email and Correspondence and HIT GO button.

 - - You can expand the + and deselect others if know you don't need to see the other types of records.

Next put in your Keyword: "Test" and HIT GO button.

Next click on Regarding column to sort, it may help or sort by other column.

Now select by the method of Windows Shift / Ctrl  and Mouse clicking for range and or select/deselect those you don't want to delete.

Now hit the Delete key and they are gone.

Now to condition DB clean up going to Tools | Database Maintenance | Check and Repair.


Astute Commentator
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Re: Edit E-mail History in multiple records?

I think I might have not explained what I wanted done but the information you gave is helpful too.  So, thanks for that info!


I need to delete information from an e-mail that was sent out in the history.


Here's exactly what we sent out:


<file:///C:/Users/Chris/AppData/Local/Temp/tmpEADF_files/image002.jpg> <file:///C:/Users/Chris/AppData/Local/Temp/tmpEADF_files/image004.jpg>




Thank for meeting with us...



Anyway, is there a way to easily delete this portion of the e-mail history without have to going to each contact, open up the history and deleting these lines individually?  We have attached files to the e-mail that just shows up as where we had them on our local hard drive.  The below line is what is in the e-mail and what we'd like to delete.


<file:///C:/Users/Chris/AppData/Local/Temp/tmpEADF_files/image002.jpg> <file:///C:/Users/Chris/AppData/Local/Temp/tmpEADF_files/image004.jpg>





Nickel Contributor
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Re: Edit E-mail History in multiple records?



Walk me through this a little more.
In your Contact Records in the History Tab is an email type History. When you open it there is an Attachment: in your case the Shortcut to file type, Regarding: and Body sections. I think you want to clear the shortcut to file(s) link?
A. Being a shortcut your deleting it will not reduce your DB size by much, so why do you need to?
Because that path to file is no longer there, or you don't want people to see or have access to file(s)?

B. I assume it is the Attachment: link (my shortcut looks different - paperclip icon c:\Users\James\NewFolder\filename.jpg).
- I wanted to confirm your type attached since your string looks different with "file:///"
-Maybe yours differ since I just opened an email History click on Attach to link to file. Where as maybe your Preference setting for handling emails and the way email was created and sent is why mine looks different?

Let say I'm close, here is what worked for me and you can run test on copy DB.
Create a test DB, as your Target DB. Do from working DB File Saved As Copy TEST.
If you can follow my History search I suggested then delete just those History records, great. If not I think you can play with Contact Merge Options and I think keep Duplicate Check based on records OFF.
For testing delete a couple email History records in your TEST DB.
Next you could go to your Working Source DB, create the Lookup list of contact records that have that record. Or to save time for testing select 1-2 records.

Tools | Preferences | Admin Tab turn OFF Duplicate check.

Do File Export |
DB to DB point to TEST DB|
Select Current Lookup bullet and check the box Contact records Table|
Clear Map fields then select one Field that no other contact record has the same value|
Do not check box Include attachments|
Contacts button to setup up your merge options (see attached JPG).
Left section Contact records: set History: "Merge" the others "Do not change".
Right half History: "Add" the others "Do not add".