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Eating humble Pie

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Eating humble Pie

As a user of Act! since Act3 I left Act after the Act2005/2006 disaster. The main complaint on the blogs was that nobody in Sage was listening to the problems people were having. I am glad to say that has changed. I skepitcally moved back to Act2008 and when I had some problems (caused by the QB Link that does not run under Vista!) Dave Van Toor got involved immediately and got higher level support people in Gerogia to help me out. This is excellent service and marks a great shift.
Now if only the regular support could be moved back to the USA.............
Patrick Duffy MBCS (30 years in the IT/Telecoms business now manufacturing Agricultural equipment)
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Re: Eating humble Pie

You used ACT! 3 and you think ACT! 2005/2006 was a disaster?
Believe me those who were around when 3.0 was released would know that 7.0 was no-where near as bad as the first release on the W95 OS by Symantec
The problems with both were for the same reason... both were complete re-writes.
I think people think 7.0 was worse and this Sage is worse than Syamantec either because they have a short memory or because the internet has made the stories travel faster :-)
There is a headache tablet here in oz called ACT3... I took 20 boxes to the US for the ACT! 3.0 launch and handed them out to Symantec staff at the launch :-)
ACT! 10.0 is (IMHO) roughly where ACT! 5.0 was in terms of stability after a re-write.