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Earlier Version Detected, uninstall previous version and start install again(To 10.0.3)

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Earlier Version Detected, uninstall previous version and start install again(To 10.0.3)

Seems that of the 11 computers we have 2008 premium, there are different update issues with each of them.


We had sp2 installed on the version 10 on all the computers, some updated fine to sp3.


The server we have the SQL database on and sp2, won't update to sp3, its says that "An earlier verison of ACT! has been detected.  To install ACT! by Sage Premium, uninstall your previous version and start the installation again"


Now, what scares me:

There is no uninstall from the add/remove programs

My databases are hosted on this server with the SQL

I was thinking the act uninstaller, but not sure what it might do with the SQL and databases



Ran the sp2 hotfix 1 and then tried the sp3 and still get the same error.  Tried windows updates and rebooted, still get the same error.  Anyone know of a way to get beyond this?  This server is the only install that we don't have import issues with, all the other installs couldn't import data.  None of the other installs had this issue. 


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Earlier Version Detected, uninstall previous version and start install again(To 10.0.3)

This has been a personal nightmare for me.  I just migrated computers.  Installed MS XP SP3 on the new one (I won't touch vista). Then installed Act 10.0.0, and upgraded it to 10.0.3.  SP3 didn't play nice with ACT - ACT just hung.  Uninstalled SP3.  Uninstalled ACT.  Reinstalled Act.  Couldn't OPEN the existing DB (got this really cool message about the database not being available because the server may not be available, or the file may not be shared - I am running premium on a local machine with the DB on the c: drive!  Help instructions for sharing the DB - Open the DB and click on share!!).  Force quit Act and restarted the box.  Restarted act with the demo DB and real quick closed the DB down before it could hang and tried to restore the DB backup.  It wouldn't restore - told me there was no ACT DB in the ZIP???  Tried starting a new DB and importing - no luck.  Went back to a previous backup (losing 2 weeks of date) and tried to restore that.  Wouldn't restore - wrong version of ACT - uninstall and reinstall - open the DB and we were good to go.  I wasn't too concerned about the 2 weeks of data because I use Doublelook to keep the ACT DB synched with Outlook (Why te Sage people can't build in or in license an better integration system is a complete mystery to me!) so the data was in outlook and I'd just lose some notes and history data.  Now I had a problem because my sync tool had a dat file for another DB.  Archived everything older than 90 days in outlook, deleted all cleared activities in ACT older than 90 days, removed all the outlook activities from act and act activities from outlook, fired up the synch tool, told it to re-read the data and crossed my fingers.  Outside of 2 of everything on my calendar, things looked cool.  Shut down went home and fired it up the next day to find that ACT started and then hung.  Uninstalled ACT - tried to reinstall ACT only to find that (DESPITE THE UNINSTALL), the computer still thought that act was on the box and wouldn't install the original because it was older than the version currently on the box and I should uninstall it first - ITS NOT THERE!!!! (although first I got this reall weird error code (1324?) that said there was an invalid character in the path to "my pictures" - who knew).  Ultimately I went through and found every folder on the box with the word ACT in it and renamed it; ran a registry cleaner about 6 times, got a good reinstall and it hung.  Ran the act diagnostics program without success - fired up the program - closed the DB before it could hang - started a new DB and am now waiting for the import to finish.  Fortunately for me this is not a mission critical app, but I guess if there is a cottage industry built around doing data migration for desktop databases that sould tell you something.  Unfortunately I started with Version 1 a long time ago.  My advice is don't upgrade unless you absolutely have to...



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Re: Earlier Version Detected, uninstall previous version and start install again(To 10.0.3)

This is a procedure I wrote to get the most clean install possible:
Uninstall any version of ACT! from Windows Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
Use the Uninstaller.exe from the ACT! KB 19338 (the exe, not the manual uninstall)
Uninstall .Net Framework (all versions) - this does NOT apply to Vista users as .Net 2.0 is part of the OS and can't be uninstalled
Uninstall any MS SQL items from the Control Panel if still there
Uninstall MSXML 6 Services from Control Panel if it's still there
Perform a Selective restart with MSCONFIG as per ACT! KB 14499
Install .Net 2.0 Framework (only 2.0 for ACT! 9/10) from MS web site (only XP, not Vista)-
Manually install MS SQL as per ACT! KB 19386
Install ACT! 10.0 full install
Install ACT! 10.03 patch if the previous install was a previous build
Restore from Selective Startup Mode with MSCONFIG
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Re: Earlier Version Detected, uninstall previous version and start install again(To 10.0.3)

If you are not seeing any uninstall option in  Add/Remove Programs, that probably means the installer package (.msi) for ACT 10.0.2 has been damaged or removed and setup is probably seeing an older .msi from a prior version.  Try these steps:


- As Mike suggested, get the ACT Uninstaller from KB 19338

- When running, DO NOT select the option to remove the ACT7 instance of SQL

- When prompted to reboot, DO NOT reboot until you have finished the steps below

- Go to Start/Run, type in "installer"

- When the Installer directory comes up, add the Author column the screen and sort the files by Author

- Locate any .msi files where Sage Software or Best Software is the author and delete them

- Then check the contents of each of the yellow folders.  If any contain the ACT! icon, then delete that folder.

- Go to your Registry Editor

- Delete ACT keys from HKCU/Software and HKLM/Software

- Drill down to HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Uninstaller

- Highlight the first GUID (long alphanumberic string with dashes) and look at info on right....if the info references ACT! in it then delete the GUID number.

- Arrow down the list, hightlighting each number and deleting any one that references ACT until you reach the end of the GUID list

- Reboot the machine


Go to your Private Messages in this forum (yellow envelope in the upper right corner).  I have sent you a link for the full install of 10.0.3.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.