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E-Mail Posting to Contact History

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Re: E-Mail Posting to Contact History

In answer to your questions:


@princeedwardh wrote:


I don't think you addressed this instance: ACT just stops posting, for all contacts, during a session, even with valid contacts with valid emails.

To find out what has caused the failure, it would be necessary to check the troubleshooting steps I mentioned in my post:

  1. Is the service running in Task Manager Processes?
  2. Is there any sign of the email in the Progress, or Not Attached Messages tabs?
  3. Are all the Act! integration icons appearing in the Add-ins tab in Outlook?

@princeedwardh wrote:


QUESTION HERE:  If the posting feature absolutely fails (restarting the device does not result in posting), is the Attach to ACT! Contacts Progress feature a 100% fail safe, storing all unposted email until they can be posted manually or otherwise?

It is designed to capture all emails and attempt to attach them to the database. If this fails, the message should be retained in the HistoryQueue or Holding folders. If for some reason the email is not captured in the first place (i.e. if there's an issue which caused the Outlook integration not to load), then it can still be recorded into Act! at a later date as long as the email still appears in Outlook. Opening any email and selecting Quick Attach from the Outlook Add-ins tab will perform the email attachment procedure.


princeedwardh wrote:


However, Attach to ACT! Contacts Progress in the Progress tab is showing that it is "Now processing message 1 of 1...", of the 4 emails that it already posted.


Does this sound right?  Shouldn't Attach to to ACT! Contacts Progress in the Progress tab be empty?  They all posted.

To confirm what email the the 1 of 1 is referring to, check in the HistoryQueue folder for the most recently added .msg files. Look for any that appear in this folder, and have a corresponding .xml file with the same name. Once you've identified the email, open it and, check whether or not it was actually attached to any Act! contacts.


It may be waiting in the HistoryQueue folder until it has processed the rules as defined in ACTHistoryErrorHandlers.xml, and will clear on it's own, after which you can check the reason for failure in the Not Attached Messages tab. However if the .msg and .xml appear to be stuck in the HistoryQueue folder, when you know it should be attaching to the database (i.e. the email address matches a contact in Act!), then a troubleshooting step you can try is copying the .msg and .xml file and dropping them in another PCs HistoryQueue folder. The service will then pick up the files and attempt to attach them to the database. Check in the Progress window to see what happens.