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Dynamic Group Criteria Limits??

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Dynamic Group Criteria Limits??

I am trying to create a set of dynamic groups for a couple of my sales reps that have large territories.  All the territories are broken down by zip code.  Essentially I want to have the group contain any contacts whose zips start with one of the respective 5 digit zip codes and are then narrowed by a simple field value called Lead Transfer. 


I receive an error about ACT! failing to load the group and asking me if I want to reload.  I can get it to work with some of my reps with smaller regions, but not these two reps in particular with larger ones.  Am I to assume that ACT has a limit to the number of rows that can be added as criteria for dynamic group membership?


This particular QRY file that I have loaded as the dynamic group criteria has 335 rows.  Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Re: Dynamic Group Criteria Limits??

There isn't a hard-set limit to the number of rows you can add to the query.  The loading of the criteria can be affected by the amount of memory on the computer and how much data it has to search/load.


Depending on how much memory the host computer has, you may be able to get a more successful result by increasing the amount of RAM.  You can also try increasing the command timeout values within the ActDiag program, for instructions visit this article: KB Article 14151

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Re: Dynamic Group Criteria Limits??

Because you're using ZIP codes for the group criteria, you may be able to reduce the number of statements in the query by grouping all the ZIP codes for a city into one query statement. For example where I live, the ZIP codes all start 974 so that a query statement ZIP code Starts With 974 would get all five individual ZIP codes. In general, the first three digits define a central post office and the loast two digits define the specific post office branch served by that central post ofice.
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