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Duplicating or copying secondary contacts.

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Duplicating or copying secondary contacts.

1. First request to duplicate or copying secondary contacts. 


Professionally I'm a commercial real estate broker. I track the owners and the properties they own, matching the owners name with the properties name.  For large companies they might own 50 or 100 properties in just one state like Minnesota,  The real estate assets are managed by an asset manager or portfolio manager for each state in the USA where they own assets.  I would like to Duplicate or copy secondary contacts across all those properties via each state.  The often times the primary and secondary contacts are constant.  


2. Request customize the fields: Also under secondary contact I would like to customize the fields like I have done for my primary contact.  Yes provide me the template for secondary contacts but allow me to customize it.


Examples of what I would like, (some of which you have).


Company Name

Contact Name


Phone & Mobile

* LinkedIn or Twitter or other social media tools

Web page



3rd Request Look-up query on secondary contacts. Register to history

I also would like if I could make a note to secondary contacts and when I do it is registered to the history.  It would be nice to do a look-up query on secondary contacts.