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Duplicate meetings after reinstall

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Duplicate meetings after reinstall



After having to re-install ACT for one of my users the meetings, tasks etc have now duplicated. It hasnt affected Opportunities so its something to do with the outlook integration. Does anyone know a way to prevent this or to remove the duplicates?



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Re: Duplicate meetings after reinstall

It is important to synchronize contacts and activities with only one service or device...  If you use a third service or device... it may happen that... the identifier field of the record is changed, and ends up doubling how many times you synchronize.


In my case... my users have remote database on their computer... so... they do not need to synchronize with Outlook or their mobile phones... because they always have the information at hand...  creativity also has limits... and with Act! it is best not to get creative with synchronizations with more than one services and devices :-)






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Re: Duplicate meetings after reinstall

It is possible to remove synced activities from Act within the Outlook Syncronisation Preferences window: