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Duplicate a Company Field into a Contact Field (User 1)

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Duplicate a Company Field into a Contact Field (User 1)

Hi All


I am trying to undertake a mail merge to a number of contacts.


The information that we need to create a filter is situated in the Company section but clearly Act only wants you to send 'Mail Merges' to Contacts.


For example the Lookup/Filter we are ttrying to create-


Advance Lookup



1. Post Code - Contacts Page

and then

2. By Renewal Date - Company Page


The Postcode is fine as this is a field within the Contact, so this works.  The 'Renewal Date' is contained (historically) on the Company page (18,000 companies).


The results it brings back are all results for Companies rather than Contacts and as a result the Mail Merge simply will not work.  It keeps trying to send a mail merge to all 18000 contacts.


My work around idea is to duplicate the field on the Company page into a Custom field on the Contacts page - 'User 1'  


This would hopefully then pull through the required information from the Company page to the Contact page thus allowing me to then create the Lookup filter needed. 


So...  if you are still with me!!  Does anyone know how this can be done?  


How do you create a field on the Contact Page which is auto populated from the Company Page.  Please bare in mind that we already have 18000 bits of data in the fields and it would be difficult (take weeks) to write it all in again for each so this needs to be able to pull through all existing data too.


Additionally if you know of an easier way to mailmerge using both Contact and Company info I would be much happier to do this. 


Thanks and Regards



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Re: Duplicate a Company Field into a Contact Field (User 1)



  Welcome to the Act! Community Forum!


  You can link company fields directly to contact fields.  This would mean whenever you make a change to the field, it will prompt to update the associated contacts.  This would mean that you can very easily update any number of contacts from the Company View.  If you link your renewal date with the user1 field, it will then update from here on out.


  Unfortunately that doesn't update the fields as they are now.  You would need to open up a contact that hasn't been updated, and click on "Update Linked Contacts" for each contact, or for each company.  Updating as per each company would probably be easier if you have multiple contacts under a company.


  I don't have a way of doing this for 18,000 companies at once, though.  The only thing I can suggest is that there may be an addon product that may do this, or one of our Act! Certified Consultants may be able to assist you in updating those contacts so you can mail merge.

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Re: Duplicate a Company Field into a Contact Field (User 1)

I have a similar but different question:


I want to create 2 fields on the contact page that draws its information from the companies database.

Specifically we are dealing with property sale clients where the client (contact)  is the property owner and we have a database of estate agents as well as conveyancers under our companies database. Thus with property sales we do not neccesarily want to 'link' a company to the contact - Though we do want to select who their estate agent as well as their conveyancer is from the companies database.


How do I go about creating 2 fields on the contact page where I am able to select the estate agent as well as the conveyancer respectively from the companies database?


Your support on this is appreciated.