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Duplicate Checking Box Grayed out

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Duplicate Checking Box Grayed out

I will be importing several larege excel or csv files periodically throughout the year and there will be new and old contacts on them but i dont want to override the contacts i already have. I am trying to create a list of identifiers for this so that there wont be a replacing or omitting of contacts. 

There will probably be a total of 20,0000 contacts but from different employers so there will be some of the same first and last names.

The best i can tell i need to create a list of indentifers from the duplicate checking tab but it is Grayed out. What do i need to do to fixt this.


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Re: Duplicate Checking Box Grayed out

The simple answer for doing the imports you describe is to invest in the OakMerge addon. That addon will allow you to udate existing contacts as well as importing new contacts.

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Re: Duplicate Checking Box Grayed out

Generally, the Duplicate Checking option will be disabled if:
- the database is a remote database (syncs to main database)
- the user name does not have sufficient authority (not manager or admin level)
Greg Martin