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Dropbox & Onedrive not uploading the act back up file.

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Dropbox & Onedrive not uploading the act back up file.

Drop box & 1 Drive not backing up.


Mike Lazarus say’s

"You need to go to services.msc, select the Act! Scheduler service, right-click properties ... and change the Logon to a user account"

Can someone please explain further?


1) I tried to logon on using the widow’s user and password.

 I got this:

Widows could not start the act scheduler service on local computer.

 Error 1069 the service did not start due to a logon failure


 2) I tried to use an act user, that failed.

 I am on the latest act build & the latest windows 10.


I also pay for support, should i reach out to them?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Dropbox & Onedrive not uploading the act back up file.

You should probably reach out to support, but for more information Error 1069 is a Windows error, not an Act! error.


Just like when you log onto windows, services have usernames that they use to log in.  If you're on a network that's locked down, it may not allow you to run that service within the context that you've originally selected.  By default the scheduler should run fine as a local system account.  Below is the default logon setup.  If you need to, change the option to "This account" and put in administrative credentials.




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