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Drop Box

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Drop Box

I am trying to get ACT! into my dropbox so that our 3 locations can use it, and so far it seems impossible. Anyone have expereience or success with this. We do have 3 liscenses.

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Re: Drop Box

As far as i know its not possible, i use dropbox just for the backup and client documents thats then linked back to a tab in the client view

But i dont think you can drop the entire database into it

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Re: Drop Box

Hi Dave. If you are asking if you can run your Act! database from a Dropbox folder, the answer is no. Act! requires that Microsoft SQL is running on the machine that the database resides and it does not work with cloud synchronising tools like Dropbox for the same reson that it doesn't work with NAS drives. I can see your logic of using a shared folder that sync's, but the SQL Server would not cope with that eitehr at your end or at any of the other locations.

You are best off in my opinion, of either using the Act for Web offering or better, using a hosted solution and remote desktop or terminal services. then all your data and programs would be in one place and you would only have to maintain one set of programs and do one set of backups.

Kind regards

Donald Page