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Downloading Network Sync Service Update (11.1)

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Downloading Network Sync Service Update (11.1)

Hello Act Community,


I am requesting that Act posts the update for the Network Sync Service in their downloads section.  While I did find it linked in the stickied forum post, I was unable to locate it in the downloads section.  When I used the online chat, even Act personnel expected to find it.


ACT : you will have to log into our download section to access it


ME: Once I login, I don't see an option for the network sync
ACT: actually i was looking for it and its not there


Their solution (which did work) was to have me download the app in it's entirety and then run the network sync update from there.  A bit time consuming and bandwidth hefty.  Not posting the Network Sync Update has been an issue for more than a few point releases.  I usually blunder across it in the forums, so someone is certainly on the ball.  If we can get the party responsible to post these in the future, it would save me (and others, I suspect) a deal of time.






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Re: Downloading Network Sync Service Update (11.1)

Not sure which article you looked at, but Network Sync Service 11.1 is linked directly (step 1) on the KB article linked below.  This is the same article linked in the stickied post.


How to Obtain the Latest Version of the Network Sync Service for ACT! by Sage Premium 2009

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Re: Downloading Network Sync Service Update (11.1)

Hi David,


ummm...yeah.  That was my point.  The Knowledge Base, while well maintained, is NOT the place we should have to look for download links.  It should be linked in the downloads section of the website.  Right now the update for Act Premium and Act Premium for web are both located in the downloads section, but the Network Sync Service is not.  


From go to "support and services" then under the manage your products click "Download Product Updates"


Even your own phone personnel expected this update to be available at this level.