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Downgrade from ACT! Premium to ACT! - HELP!!!

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Downgrade from ACT! Premium to ACT! - HELP!!!

I have ACT! Premium 2006 on my laptop with an existing database.  I just started working for a new company and they are using ACT! 2006 but not premium.  I need to downgrade my laptop to ACT! 2006 so I can synchronize with the company ACT! server but I dont want to lose my old database. 


Will I be able to open my old database built in ACT! Premium 2006 using ACT! 2006?

How do I install ACT! 2006 over ACT! Premium without losing my exisitng databases?


Thank you for your help!

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Re: Downgrade from ACT! Premium to ACT! - HELP!!!

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You can create a copy of your 2006 Premium database in Act 2006 format by selecting:


File > Save Copy As


And then selecting the database version to be Act 2006 (at least I know you can with Act 2007 and above, I don't have 2006 in front of me at the moment)


As for installing Act 2006 over the Premium version, you should just be able to uninstall the Premium version, install Act 2006, and load up the converted copy you created.


The database is not deleted when you uninstall Act, just like a Word document doesn't get deleted when you uninstall Office. 


Hope this helps.



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Re: Downgrade from ACT! Premium to ACT! - HELP!!!

Backup your Premium database - Then unintal the ACT Premium

Then install the old version of ACT and import the database --- Im not sure about compatiblity ...


Good Luck