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Double Company names in CONTACT

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Double Company names in CONTACT

I can make "Scan for Duplicates" based on Company field only and see a list of all double CompanyFields in CONTACT screen.


Can I make a listing of all CompaniesFields in CONTACT  which are --NOT--  dupilcates  ?


I am trying to make from these Companyfields a "maincontact" field " being marked with eg.: " * "

(or similar in ACTDemo15 KeyContact "checked")


There are 50.000 plus records, so manually is not possible.


Starting doing manually I make a choice of say 5 same companyfields which is the most important and mark it with *


Is there a solution ? with a more complex filtering... ?


Thanks, William



Copper Contributor
Posts: 90
Country: Netherlands

Re: Double Company names in CONTACT --Partly Solved.!

With a test I did:

Scan for Duplicates, on only Company fields in Contact screen.

I have now a list of all the double companies (with each different private contact/persons fields).


I made  an extra field called  "Double"... ....did then  Replace Double still empty field with " * "


Then Filter Double fields does not contain " * " and I have all the Companies wthout doubles,which I need for

an other job.



Now the worst part is coming to work on all  the "double" fields,made a group of the filter for easier approach.


Now I have to sort this out ,which of the list double company names (mark the MainContactFields with " * " , say the Boss,The one with email or something else in  an other field....    Working on this ,  ANY IDEAS ??