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Does ACT for Web use record locking

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Does ACT for Web use record locking

Hi Everyone!!


We have installed ACT Premium for Web V11 on a standard Windows 2003 server running the default install of SQL Server.


We have installed the standard exe software onto the server as well.


Using the server installed instance I have created a DB and exposed it on the web portal.


I am using Remote Desktop connection to access the server as its part of a Blade in the server farm.


I am able to access the DB from my workstation using the web portal via Internet Explorer 6 and using RDC into the server I can view records that Have been created thru IE from my desktop.  This is where the fun starts;


I can change records that are in the process of being updated on the other machine.

Changes do not show up until I do a refresh contact list or goto a different compnay list then back to the Contact list


I can make changes to a record on the workstation , then make different changes to the same record on the server and do not get an error message.


Does ACT for Web have record locking, is there any attempty to lock out con-current update of the software.

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Re: Does ACT for Web use record locking

None that I know of.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Does ACT for Web use record locking

Not on Web or Windows...and even less so if you have remote sync copies.


BTW: There would only be an issue if the same field was edited, not the same record. But the way SQL works, the changes are sent as transactions and applied by the server database engine... so it's not a technical issue, just if two people change the same field, one might over write the other.


Personally, I've never seen that happen