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Document (tab) Shortcut to Files and Folders links broken

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Document (tab) Shortcut to Files and Folders links broken

In Act! Premium Version, Update 7 with Windows 10 Pro, Document (tab) Shortcuts to Files and Folders links become broken when you move Act to a new computer (using Moving Databases to Another Computer) and the C:\\User path is different, e.g. old computer path C:\\User\John Doe, new computer C:\\User\jdoe. The Shortcut File and Folder links on the new computer are still pointing to the old computer path. This is not an issue with Document File entries.


Is this a known issue? Is there a feasible workarounds?

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Re: Document (tab) Shortcut to Files and Folders links broken

Hello Peter,


That's why my Act customers in Latin America and the Caribbean I recommend that put the database in the folder

C:\Users \ Public \ Documents \ ACT \ ACT Data \ Databases


I recommend this for the server and for users with a remote database

This folder is always universal and exists in all Windows implementations, and offers the advantage that if a new windows profile is created on the server or remote user's computer to fix a problem, the route is not altered


This does not correct the problem, but it is a suggestion.

The idea would then... be to leave the conditions or file path again in the same way as it was in the previous computer


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Re: Document (tab) Shortcut to Files and Folders links broken

When you're using the Shortcut option to attach documents, usually we recommend that you aren't using shortcuts to specifically named file structures on the same computer.  Best practice for that shortcut is that you're attaching to a file server using a logical name, or similar analog.


For instance a shortcut like this:



This shortcut would work even if you move the database to another server or location, as long as you still have access to the Fileserver computer on the network you're on, even if it was the same computer.  Once you bring drive letters and specific folders into the shortcuts instead of a logical name you do run the risk of losing access to those shortcuts' target when locations change.


Our database services team may be able to write a script to change your shortcut locations, but some research would need to be put into how that would affect said shortcuts.



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