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Display Record ID Field

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Display Record ID Field



I am a has been ACT! certified consultant and recently a friend who runs a charity asked if I could help him with a record id problem. They are trying to move to ACT from a proprietary system. They currently identify records (people) as record 1001, 1002, 1003....etc. 


Well I know that ACT creates a GUID or some PK record id for evey record so my question is can I somehow display this field. If it is a GUID I may mask it and just show the first 5 characters and that would be a record id they can handle.


Regardless I need a way to create record ID's they can use and didn't think I would have to purchase an add-on for this simple of a need??




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Re: Display Record ID Field

There isn't any way you could use the record unique ID for that. Your best bet is to have a separate field for their record number. They could manually enter the number for new contacts or use an addon to automatically add the next number.

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