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Different Versions?

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Different Versions?

I got a new computer -- moved from XP SP3 to W7 64-bit, which I need for some Adobe apps I use.


I figured out about changing computer names in the .PAD files and regenerating them.  Apparently the sync service wasn't set up correctly and I've got that sussed out. Not that it fixed that problem.


To get around it in the short term in order to print out a report, I created a remote database and unpacked it.  Now it's telling me I can't sync because the databases were created in different versions of ACT!  Our ACT! has never been updated.  We're installing from the same disks and nothing else has changed.


I've tried searching but haven't seen any answers.  Has this happened to anyone else?



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Re: Different Versions?

What version of the ACT! program? If it's below ACT! 2010 its not fully compatible with Windows 7.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Different Versions?

Also, ACT! will "slipstream" the latest Hotfix during install...

Check the version in Help | About on your system and the server