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Did SwiftPage drop the ball?

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Did SwiftPage drop the ball?

I understand that requiring millions of users to upgrade Act! versions older than v18 was out of their control. BUT, what is going on with v21 and the weekly updates. I am trying to get ready to update to v21 from v17 by the drop dead date and use multiple plug-ins in our installation of 30 users. I can't get updated versions of plug-ins from developers until they are tested with the most recent version of Act! and the released updates. Today, I see that update 4 has been posted WITHOUT any description of what the update includes. Is internal control and testing not happening? Using Act! is not a convenience in our company it is a MISSION CRITICAL application. This has become much more than a small inconvenience to millions of users who are being forced to spend considerable amounts of money, who rely on Act! to run their business. What happens when whatever licensing model they switched to decides to stop again?


It doesn't seem right that the loyal users (we've been using Act! since the 1990's) who have spent many thousands of dollars on version updates over the years are not shown the same loyalty by SwiftPage. Yes, I know they reduced the price on the upgrades and I realize that this forced upgrade was out of their control, but with the significant increase of revenue that SwiftPage is going to realize from this event, additional consideration should be given to long term users. Perhaps adding an additional year to their license subscription?


We were planning to upgrade before this debacle anyway, and had already purchased new licenses, but wanted to do the upgrade on our own time schedule as business events allowed.

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Re: Did SwiftPage drop the ball?



Update 4 addresses the defects below:


  • D-08799 - Licensing - License Provider returns Act! Marketing Automation license with dashes
  • D-08798 - Act! Reader app no longer works with v21


There is no database schema update in this release.


Carl Mag

Act! Support

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Re: Did SwiftPage drop the ball?

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Carl, Update 4 did not resolve my licensing of actprov21...  I agree. Shame on sum1.  My business is down.

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