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Deleting a user but keeping the person as a contact

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Deleting a user but keeping the person as a contact

As a business, we have a number of external associates who have access to our database. However, we only require that they have access to certain contacts within the database and I have successfully done this by changing all contacts to limited access and then re-instating access to those required.


However, there a number of contacts who are 'users' and no matter how hard I try, I am unable to prevent the associates from viewing these records.


Now I could delete these users but I need to retain their history. The problem being that I want to keep the user as a contact within the database.


Am I therefore able to delete a user and retain them as a contact without having to use the function of re-assigning their history to another user?


Hope that makes sense.

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Re: Deleting a user but keeping the person as a contact

When deleting them as user, but keeping them as a contact you'll always have to reassign the history to another user. Probably a limitation so that each record has to have a user as record manager. However reassigning the history just basically makes the user you assign it to the record manager of that history. The records themselves stay under the history tab of the user you deleted but kept as contact. Also the record creator field will still be the user you deleted. Hope that answers your questions.