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Deleting Division and Contacts

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Deleting Division and Contacts

Act! Version, Update 4
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We have over 300 companies in Companies View
In Companies View, some Companies just have contacts
Some have have Divisions but no contacts
Some have Divisions with contacts
Some have both
I want to delete only the Divisions and the Contacts within Divisions.  At this stage I want to keep Companies with Contacts only.
However, if I delete the Division, the Contacts 'unlink' but remain in Contacts View.
It seems to be such a long winded process by having to get rid of the division and then get rid of the contacts or vice-versa through another view/lookup
And then once this has been done, it restores All CONTACTS, then I have to switch back to COMPANIES which seems to select some random company in the list.  Then it is scrolling through to find the next Company with a division that requires elimination rather than go back to the last company edited in the list.
We do not want to use the COMPANY Layout at all...ever.  The objective is to eventually clear every entry under COMPANIES.  We prefer to manage records in CONTACTS only
Is there a quicker way?
Many thanks


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Re: Deleting Division and Contacts

Before you proceed, one of the best ways I use companies is to collect information that applies to everyone in the company - but I don't want to paste it in all the contacts.  When you have several people in the company, it is nice to have a field linked to show up on the contact's detail page.  


Another change I've made to our ACT d/b is to show the address of the HQ on the contact's detail page.  Then we also show the home city and state.  That is a real help when my contact is in Mass. but HQ is in California.  


If you have around 300 companies you want to clear, just set a schedule for clearing 10 a day.  At the end of a month or so they will be all cleared.  

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