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Deleting Activities

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Deleting Activities

I seem to have run across some unnecessary steps recently while deleting activities from my calendar page.. Lots of xtra time.  When I hit the red X to delete a meeting a second screen pops up asking Are You Sure Y or N?  after answering that another window pops up saying Webpage viewing is trying to close.. Do You Want To Close Y or N.. after answering that.. then I have finally deleted the activity... How can I change my settings to avoid all this and simply just delete the activity from the first red X on the calendar??  Appreciate any help

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Re: Deleting Activities

There is no setting or preference that can be changed to eliminate the confirmation on whether you want to delete the activity or not. This is in place to keep users from accidentally deleting an activity that they do not wish to delete. 


As for the message that is asking you if you want to close the page, this is a security feature of your browser. You may be able to get rid of this message by following the steps for configuring your browser to work with the website in the Web Administrator's Guide for your version of Act! If you have access to the server where Act! is installed, you can view the Web Administrator's guide by clicking Help > Online Manuals > Web Administrator's Guide.

if you do not have access to the server, you can search our Knowledgebase at for the Web Administrator's guide for your version of Act!

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