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Deleted smart task still running

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Deleted smart task still running

I have a smart task still running, even though it has been deleted !


I had a smart task set for auto-run - i made a copy of it, edited it, then deleted the original. Thing is, the original is still running, so i have the smart task run twice now on the same step (with slight differences, of course)


Any idea how to delete it, or where they sit in which folder so that i can delete it manually...?

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Re: Deleted smart task still running

It would appear this is a problem for a number of other users as well.


Looking at the files for a version 2011 database it would appear that these are stored within the database rather than a seperate files like layouts etc so deleting modifying may be an issues and reading the previous thread it appears only database services may be able to resolve. I do not use or recommend this feature to my customers but instead use a 3rd party more powerful tool for these types of automation.


I would suggest you make sure you have applied the Service Pack and then go back and try and delete the smarttask

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Re: Deleted smart task still running

I have to revive this post despite how old it is. Did anybody find a way to stop these smart tasks?


Right now I deleted every single one of them. Nothing pending either. Yet it is still running. Does anybody know where in the database this is stored? I could go and kill it myself if only the database was not so messy from Act.


Thank you