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Deleted remote Database can it be revived??

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Deleted remote Database can it be revived??

I had a computer problem and had to get it repaired.  In order to continue to keep my records I had another database created.  My original one was deleted on our network.  I was never able to download the new remote database onto my home PC and started using the old one for record keeping when I got the repaired computer back.  My understanding is that data entered into the old database is lost.


Is there a way to recover that data and import it into the new remote database???

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Re: Deleted remote Database can it be revived??

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You can export the updated data to the new remote.  On the original database, do a lookup of contact activity for changes since you last synced.  Then export the current lookup to the new remote.


How to Use the Contact Activity Lookup

How to Export Your ACT! Database to Another ACT! Database

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