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'Delete Opportunity' option is greyed out

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'Delete Opportunity' option is greyed out

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Hello. My company uses Act! Premium and we're having trouble deleting outdated and/or dummy opportunities.


The process for removing or deleting a sales opportunity seems like it should be fairly intuitive. From the Opportunities screen, I should be able to highlight one or more opportunities and select 'Delete Opportunity' under 'Opportunities' in the top menu bar. Unfortunately, this option is greyed out. I've also tried simply clicking delete after highlighting one or more opportunities, but nothing happens.


Any help from the community would be appreciated. Thank you!



Several weeks passed, and it started to seem to Katelyn and her children that Hayley had always been a part of their household. The normal loneliness and tension that prevailed when Mike was traveling just didn't exist, and Hayley was becoming a cherished friend to both mother and children.

The daily soak in the hot tub during naptime had become a welcome ritual, and the ladies had even taken to playing a Faith Hill or Rascal Flatts CD over Katelyn's outdoor sound system while they soaked, often sipping lemonade or Coke while they relaxed and chatted. Hayley was always naked and Katelyn always wore a bathing suit.
But on this particular steamy day in June, Katelyn was uncomfortable in her dark blue one piece. She kept squirming on the seat in the tub and pulling at the strap on her shoulder which she had strained during her workout that morning.

"What's wrong?" Hayley asked.

"My shoulder is killing me. I think I lifted weights that were too heavy this morning and my strap is cutting into it," Katelyn said on a groan.

"Ok, that's it. Take off that suit and enjoy the therapeutic waters. Plus, I can rub it for you. Go on," Hayley ordered.

For some reason, Katelyn found herself obeying easily. She slipped off her suit and sat naked on the seat. It did feel wonderful. She could feel the water swirling around her breasts and between her legs, and it was stimulating and soothing at the same time. Hayley scooted over toward her.

"Ok, let me rub it. Which shoulder?" Katelyn pointed to her left and Hayley began to knead the tight muscle. Her thigh was touching Katelyn's and their hips were pressed together.

Hayley's massage felt wonderful and Katelyn turned her head to the side slightly and looked at the large, delicious breasts floating on the water. Looking at them while Hayley was touching her made her feel incredibly excited. Without a word, Hayley began to massage lower, kneading the muscles on Katelyn's chest.

"Mmmm," Katelyn murmured and closed her eyes. She was almost falling asleep and in a drowsy haze she found herself wishing that Hayley would touch her breasts.
"Ok, I think I got it loosened up for you," Hayley's voice cut into Katelyn's reverie. "I'm going to get out now and grab a quick shower before the kids get up."

And with that Hayley climbed out of the hot tub and hurriedly wrapped a towel around her naked body. She walked into the house leaving Katelyn naked, alone, and perplexed with her own feelings in the hot tub.




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Re: 'Delete Opportunity' option is greyed out

You may find only an ACT administrator or the Opportunity Record Manager have these rights. Check to see what rights users have been allowed and what the User level is.