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Define Email Account

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Define Email Account

Hi folks,


We are using ACT 2009 (11.0) and I am attempting to setup email using an Outlook account.


The problem I have is, my email is setup with a number of accounts.


Exchange account for personal email (default email account)

IMAP account which I wish to integrate with ACT

A number of other POP3 accounts.


Is it possible to define which account ACT will retreive emails from and if so how is this done?  Obviously I dont want it to integrate with my personal email and I would like to keep the exchange account as the default mail account in Outlook.

Copper Contributor Kez
Copper Contributor
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Country: Australia

Re: Define Email Account

This is possible, I have it setup on my machine the same way.

Open up Outlook, select what ever profile you want to have the plugin running in. You didn't provide what version of Outlook you run, so I've given instructions below for 2003/2007.


   1. On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.
   2. Click Add a new directory or address book, and then click Next.
   3. Click Additional Address Books, and then click Next.
   4. Select ACT Address Book, and then click Next.
   5. Fill in your ACT Database details then click Close.
   6. Restart Outlook


   1. Click Account Settings from the Tools menu.
   2. Select the Address Book tab and click New.
   3. Select Additional Address Books.
   4. Click Next.
   5. Select the ACT Address Book details and click next.
   6. Fill in your ACT Database details then click Close.
   7. Restart Outlook

You'll notice in your profile you'll now have the ACT Outlook Toobar up top. If you want to remove the ACT Plugin on certain profiles, remove the address book and this will stop it from loading.