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Default activity colors

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Default activity colors

Hello friends,


Just would like to pick someone's brain here.  Is there a way to set the default color by activity type in Act without the need for further add-ons?

Customer has a few custom activity types on his calendar and wants estimates shown in green, maintenance work shown in orange, etc.  Without having to select a color each time the appt is scheduled.


I've seen some 3rd party add-ons like Jim Durkin's toolkit, but I feel like this is something I've seen in Act natively, I just can't find the settings for it.  Thanks.

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Re: Default activity colors

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately this feature is not built into Act, only default colour by priority. This is set by remembering the last colour chosen for the activity priority.
You can however set custom activity type icons, perhaps some solid colour icons for green, red, orange etc for the relevant activity types.