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Default Process/Stage by Contact Status ID

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Default Process/Stage by Contact Status ID


Sorry I'm new to ACT! and I'm wondering how I can set the default Process/Stage in an opportunity based on the ID/Status assigned on the Contacts/Business Card.

I have created the ID/Status name I want in the Contact & have created the list values I want for the Process/Stage in the Opportunities screen, but I don't know how to link the two together.


Any assistance would be great, as I'm finding the actual amount of information available to set this up rather ambiguous...

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Re: Default Process/Stage by Contact Status ID

Hi Wicksie


The simple answer is this is not a function built into ACT, let me explain why.


You may have a contact that you do repeat business with or enter into negotiations with more than 1 opportunity at the same time. The ID / Status of the contact, say hot prospect, might be relevant to 1 of the opportunities but not both as the second one might be much less of a chance for a sale.  


I have left a link below where a 3rd party has produced a way of doing this with an add-on for a relatively small amount.


Copy Data Between Records, an ACT! add-on by Exponenciel