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Default Font - Consistency, AFWP

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Default Font - Consistency, AFWP

I've noticed that only in IE11 can you adjust the font you're using when entering activity history/notes.  In Chrome, it shows 3 different fonts in the FONT field when you're entering your note.


We've come across an issue where since some of our users use IE11 and others use Chrome, we have inconsistencies in the fonts being used to enter notes.  This is terrible as we rely on our contact reports and print them out from time to time.  


We also noticed that it's not using the default font we've set.  Is there a work around for this?  It's a known defect but they didn't fix it in v18.1.



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Re: Default Font - Consistency, AFWP

Hi Jag,


These defects are currently outstanding in v18.1:
Defect D-03467: Chrome APFW note font size
Defect D-03998: Chrome APFW multiple fonts as default


The current workaround for the multiple fonts issue, is to select a font before typing in the notes field.


The issues will remain logged, and we aim to address them in future updates or software releases.

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Re: Default Font - Consistency, AFWP

I have just learned today my customer reported and i verified. Chrome 51.0.2704

New note or new details in an activity- the font size default is Times Roman 1. Save and Open again. Font size is 3.

When you select the text and try to change to another size, the only size that will change to is 7. If you select OK, you cannot change the font size back at all.


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Re: Default Font - Consistency, AFWP

The web product is a mess. Still in beta if you ask me. Lots of issues and the font issue is such a basic thing that I can't believe they haven't gotten around to fixing this.