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Decrease the ActEmailMessageStore database size

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Decrease the ActEmailMessageStore database size

From a previous post I think I am having an attachment problem due to the size of my emailMessageStore being over 4GB now.  I am trying to decrease the size of the database to confirm this is the problem.  I deleted a bunch of attached emails in history but that did not bring the size of the database down.  How can I decrease the database size so that I can further test this hypothesis?  By the way I am running Act email on Act 2007 premium for workgroups hotfix 3.


I also tried running reindex and repair from actDiag after deletions but that still did not decrease the size of the database. Any suggestions



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Re: Decrease the ActEmailMessageStore database size

Attached emails do not affect the size of the ActEmailMessageStore.  If you want to decrease the size, you will need to delete emails from ACT! E-mail.


4GB is the max size if you're using SQ Server 2005 Express edition.

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Re: Decrease the ActEmailMessageStore database size

David, not just for this user, but for others in this situation:


I haven't seen any tool like this, but do you know of any to convert the ActEmailMessageStore to Outlook?


Or is it possible to connect Outlook to the ACT! Email Client and drag-drop a folder at a time to the Outlook connection?


Outlook 2003/2007 has a max size of 20GB (mine is at 6.5GB now) -


If a user is approaching the 4GB SQL EX limit, maybe this would be an option?


If no conversion tool, and can't drag-drop, maybe use both, with new data in Outlook and keeping the ACT! email for archive


Failing all above, is there a way to archive data from the message store, but still having it accessible when needed (this may be a legal requirement for some companies).


Also, correct me if I'm wrong, the 4GB limit will always be there in a Workstation as ST only available on server class OS and the email store is local even if you have a server for the database.