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Deciding between setting up remote DB vs moving the DB

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Deciding between setting up remote DB vs moving the DB

Currently, the 'master' DB (the one that has current info in it) is in a remote location (the boss' computer) and the working office has 10 users.  I've setup 1 of the computers to act as the 'master'/server and each of the local users will access the DB via sharing and the remote users will be distributed a copy of the DB once the new 'master' is setup.  The future master DB computer has an year-old version of the DB and it seems logical to 'copy' the boss' DB over to the new 'master' computer.


A few questions regarding this:

- The boss wants to only allow the workers access to a few of the contacts in the DB prior to copying/moving the DB to the new local 'master' computer.  I went ahead and tagged the contacts and marked them as private.  Is this the right way to do this if the database is to be distributed to remote users or moved to the new 'master' computer?


- Remote DB distribution vs moving the DB.  I'm assuming that moving the DB to the new 'master' computer then redistributing to remote users (including the boss) is the best way to go since 10 of 14 users are at the main office and the other 4 users are remote (?)  I'll be using network sync to keep the master database synced with the remote users.