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Date fields in History not correct

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Date fields in History not correct

So I just found out today that we have been having an issue with our date fields in ACT Premium 2010. Let me explain... If  you enter a date in a field, for example 01/20/2011 it will record it in the history as "Field changed , Field "Field name" changed from" " to "01/19/2011". According to my research it looks like this issue started back on March 3, 2010. Anyone else expireince this same problem? If so, Is there a fix for this? Any input is appreciated, Thank you!

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Re: Date fields in History not correct

This is a reported issue with the History showing a day off.  While a fix has not been issued for this yet, there is a work around.  Using Tools > Define Fields, change the field type for the date field(s) from 'Date' to 'Date/Time'.  This format will add the time to the end but will display the correct date.


As always - before making changes to your database, create a backup using the File > Backup > Database option.

Greg Martin