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Database issue

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Database issue

We recently installed ACT onto a new computer at the office (replacing one that already had ACT), and it appears the database for the computer linked in a weird way... meaning we now have double clients for some, but not all.  And we also have some appointments showing up twice in the same time spot.  The company that re-installed ACT for us can not come up with a valid reason or way to fix the problem.  We're thinking the database from the new computer may have linked together with another database at our office?  Any suggestions on how to fix this, other than going in one by one and deleting the duplicate contacts?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Database issue

My best guess is that the duplicates came from moving the database and not doing a overwrite to handhelds that may be syncing with the database. Can you see if this is the case?


One way to get them out is to look at the create dates in the contact list. LOok for a lot of records created the same day. This is probably whne you problem occured and these would be the reccords that could be removed.


Please backup your database first and use a consultant or IT Professional if you are not comfortable.  It's possible to make this problem worse.


If you wan to contact us. I'll do a short free phone call with you.

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Re: Database issue

What version of ACT! (full build from help | about)?
Are you sync'ing with remote ACT! users, Outlook or mobile phones?
Is this happening for all users?
Was it an ACT! consultant who moved the database?
Can you find out what process they used to move the database?