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Database import questions

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Database import questions

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I am about to gather the database from one of our offices and attempt to import the data (version unknown at present) into a new database that I have created.  Is that how this works, or do I simply upgrade the existing database?  My preference, since we are now on the web-based version, is to import into a new database with new users.  That leads to another question: what happens if the original database has different users than the new database has?  Thanks for your assistance.


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Re: Database import questions

Hello PimaCo,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


You can open the database in your version of ACT!, assuming the version you are running is the same or newer than the one that created the database.  Example: If you are running ACT! by Sage 2010, and the database is created in Sage ACT! 2012 - you will not be able to open it.


Assuming it will open, you can use that same database as a new database.  For the users, you can set the current users to 'Inactive' and create new users.  Here is an article on managing users: KB Article 19474


If you want to import the new database into an existing database, here is an article with instructions: KB Article 17539

Greg Martin