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Database behaving badly

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Database behaving badly

I added some new fields to the opportunity section of an existing database about 6 weeks ago.  The fields and report worked fine.


About 10 days ago, the administrator moved the database to a new server. I don't know if this has anything to do with the problems that arose yesterday, but I'm mentioning it anyhow.




  1. there is a single date field, Next Action date, that I added. Yesterday, when the report was printed out, it was showing time in the report on that field as well as date, but only intermittently.  The odd thing is -- this is only happening on remote databases.  When I print from the master, I don't see this.
  2. one of my users has always (as I think is the usual) been able to edit data, tab out of the field, then change Opportunity Records and have the changes on the previous record save.  now, if he doesn't use the Save button, he loses his edits.

If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate assistance.  The user (who I watched make and lose edits) database was checked, repaired and reindexed and nothing changed.  I also checked, repaired and reindexed the master database, on the theory that it couldn't hurt.