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Database Templates

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Database Templates

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My question is specific to having a template in ACT!
I am currently using ACT! by Sage Premium for Workgroups 2007 (9.0) (EX Edition) Version, with Microsoft Word 2002.  I had several templates for my company designed with the ACT! word processor, but when re-creating them to use with Microsoft Word, I found a small problem.
The 'Thank You' template I use describes what the customer is getting by using bullet numbering , i.e.:
"1.   You get this
 2.  Also get this
 3.  And some of this
 4. And finally this"
My problem arrives when I go to create this letter for multiple customers.  Something is making the numbering restart on each page.  As in, the letter for the 2nd client contains bullet numbers 5-8.  The 3rd client is numbers 9-12.....and so on.
It's a 1 page template, and I don't know how to break this numbering from page to page.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Database Templates

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Try not using the Word auto-numbering... use bullets or type the numbers and tabs manually?
You should also try updating to 9.0.1 and Hotfix3. You can download the current patch from

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