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Database Sync Authentication Method

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Database Sync Authentication Method

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I have some questions about ACT! Premium 2011 database syncing security.  Please forgive me because I'm not an ACT! administrator and am not very familiar with its setup.


My questions are:  When performing  a remote database sync, what encryption methods are used?  How is an RDB user authenticated to verify they should be allowed to synchronize the database?


I'm asking because some of our remote users don't like having to VPN into our network in order to perform a sync.  I want to understand the risks of providing a method for them to sync over the internet.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Database Sync Authentication Method


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Re: Database Sync Authentication Method

Hello Thisisme543,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community!


There isn't encryption of the data during a sync.  During the creation of a remote database a specific user (or all users) can be allowed access to the remote database.  The authority to sync is based on the security level for which the ACT! username is defined.  If the user is Admin, Manager, or Standard they will be able to sync.  If they are set to Restricted or Browse they will not be able to initiate a sync.  The username is authenticated at the time of signing on to the database.  If they have authority to sync, the option for Sync will be enabled.



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Re: Database Sync Authentication Method

Also you can find the Sage Act whitepapers here.


One of which is the security.

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Re: Security for ACT Database

We have called ACT Help desk a few times and checked on ACT web site and we have a problem.  I would like my employees to use their laptops and have ACT SW and ACT database on their pcs and synch once a day. This works great.


The problem is if they no longer work for me.


  • If I terminate them, I can change their password, so they can not access the data base even if on their PC i understand.


  • If they quit, they can keep their pc and never try and synch and use the data base forever.  I would like to put a time bomb in the ACT database.   The help desk says not possible.  But surely someone must have had this issue before, it seems so basic to me.


Please let me know.  I would like to buy a few more licenses if we can get this fixed.

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Re: Database Sync Authentication Method

Thank you both for the response.  I ready somewhere that data was encrypted during the synch.  They must have been mistaken.  In that case, if a synch is performed over an open network, what does the data being transferred look like?  Is it raw data that someone could sniff?




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Re: Database Sync Authentication Method

My understanding is that is DES 64-bit encrypted, public private key.

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