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Database Size Question

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Database Size Question

I have a question regarding the fields in the database.

If I have a field that is set to hold 128 Characters does the database size reflect a difference if that field is empty or full of text?

Theory being is the field lengh reserving and consuming that space as blank?


I am coming up on the limit and have many 128 fields that only have less than 50 characters in them.

Will reducing the field length to say 55 reduce the size of the database?


Also is the attachments folder included in the 4gb limit?

I think no.... but just to be sure?




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Re: Database Size Question

Fields that do not have data in them do not take up space.


Shortening a field to 50 characters that has 50 characters or less in it will not reduce the size of the database but will give you more space in the table to add fields.


Attachments do not take up any of the available space in the database.  The maximum size of the express database is now 10GB.  I haven't seen very many end users that have a database with more than 10GB of data in it.



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