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Database Sharing...Confusion from reading overload.

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Database Sharing...Confusion from reading overload.

The president of my company has tasked me with starting our ACT! Database.  There are 4 of us that will be using the same database using "ACT! by Sage Premium 2010"  I will be using the database the most with another guy coming in a close second.  The other two will most likely be checking the database every once in awhile although they may expand use once they see all it can do. I have been reading various posts and articles in the Knowledgebase, but seem to be getting more confused. One place says with fewer than 5 users you can share a database that is located on my computer.  Others say the main database needs to be placed on a server.  I have been unsuccessful in sharing the database from my computer. So here I am.  Do I set the database up on my computer?  If so how can the others access it? Or Do I put it on the server? 



ps:  As you can tell.  I am not the company IT guy.  Smiley Happy

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Database Sharing...Confusion from reading overload.

There's probably a few reasons you cannot share from your computer.  Is the database shared via the Tools>Database Maintenance>Share Database menu? Are you wanting to share via an application share, or do you want to sync?  It could also be a firewall issue.


You could share it from your computer, ACT! doesn't care if the computer hosting is a "server", laptop, desktop, whatever.  However, it is more prudent to put it on a server, as most of the time, that machine is accessible all the time.  If your computer was ever off, or if it's a laptop, is gone, then the db would not be accessible.  If you sync, same issue.


I'd put it on the server - you will need to install the ACT! program on the server, open the database from the server, share it, copy the pad file to the other computers, and open the database remotely. Or, since you have Premium, create remote databases for each user.


Really, you'd benefit from an hour or so with a consultant, which, of course, is a shameless plug, but we do this all the time. Feel free to email me and I'll provide some more details.  If you want someone on site I can show you where to find a local consultant.  Hope this helps...

Richard Brust
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Re: Database Sharing...Confusion from reading overload.

Dear Raalph,


I do support the post of Richard. While setting up an Act database for sharing is - technicly seen - not a difficult task, having an Act consultant guiding you through some steps is a valuable advice.


A common mistake is to see the setup of Act at the server and the workstations just a as technical issue (which i read between the lines could be the way your boss sees it). However: during the setup of your Act environement you must realise that you are installing and setting up a program which should expand and support your actual business situation and vision. Before even touching one key of your keyboard or inserting your Act install CD one should at least have in mind in what way your business is best served. During installation (and certainly AFTER installation) certain choices in dealing with Act and its capabilities affects in what way you let Act serve your actual needs.

Consulting with an Act specialst can certainly boost your Act launch.


(b.t.w. I'm not an ACC, but an Act enthousiast from the first hour... started with Act on Mac in an early version way years ago..)

Kind regards,

Rene van der Velde
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