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Database Rebuild/Merge - can this be done?

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Database Rebuild/Merge - can this be done?

Here is my situation:

Using ACT! 2008 Premium (10.0) (ST Edition) Version, Hotfix 1

We are a small sales group with 3 users sharing a single database with very limited IT support.

The database was created last year in the summer and was working fine for a month or so.  The server crashed and our IT group never bothered to put it back on line.

The databases have now expired for each user.  Two of the remote users have continued to use the database on their local machines without syncing in months.

I want to get the system running again as the IT guy has now put an Act! server back online.

How can I combine and or merge the two remote datasets without losing all the changes that have been input since the server crashed without having duplicate data everywhere?

Is it even possible? 

Thank you;


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Re: Database Rebuild/Merge - can this be done?

Try to sync? Getting an error? Please post it. 



  1. Make sure everyone is on the same build, including the server
  2. Backup the main and remote databases
  3. Import the remotes you want to salvage data from into the main database
  4. Run Check and Repair (Tools, Database Maintenance)
  5. Set up sync again (Answer ID 21832)
  6. Restart the network sync service
  7. Distribute the RDB's
  8. Unpack and restore RDB's
  9. Test
  10. After the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled
    for sanity's sake: Delete the .RDB files and old remote databases on the remote computers and on the Publisher, (Tools, Sync Panel, Manage Database...)
Dave Worral
ACT! Consultant & Premier Trainer