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Database Files in Onedrive

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Database Files in Onedrive

I have noticed that my ACT Database is in the OneDrive Document folder. This means that it directly syncs with the cloud. Investigation shows that there is a setting in OneDrive that allows the normal Windows Document Folder to be available to all computers linked to the same OneDrive account. My settings show that this is how it is set up on my laptop. I have two remote laptops linking/synching to a master computer which is serving my ACT! database. I notice that the master computer has the Documents folder and thus ACT! database in OneDrive.


I would be interested in comments about using OneDrive for the database file.


Is it likely to create problems or slow down the system?


As it seems to have automatically set up that way, how should I go about changing locations so that it is not on OneDrive?



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Re: Database Files in Onedrive



The database file (ADT) must be located on a "Local" drive that the SQL-Server can Control. only one single SQL Server may have control. so using onedrive is normaly not an option, only if microsoft would provide a SQL-Server on the OneDrive it would be possible to use it. 


with act6 and before, you could use a shared Drive and access it from several PC´s but with act7(2005) and above this is no more possible due to the restrictions of Microsoft SQL Server




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Re: Database Files in Onedrive

Thanks Ingo,


Windows/OneDrive has an option that puts the Document Folder onto OneDrive. It is on the local drive/computer but syncs to OneDrive. I noticed slow downs and sometimes crashes and decided to move it to the Document Folder that was NOT on OneDrive. This seems to have made things smoother. I noticed that my second computer had the database files on the non-OneDrive Documents Folder and it did not seem to have problems.


So I wonder if SwiftPage ACT! have any comments. I wonder if the continual task of syncing changing ACT! file actually causes instability. If so then maybe a change of default install location will avoid problems/corruptions/slow downs.



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Re: Database Files in Onedrive

the Limitation is due to SQL server which keeps the database open and running and handles logs of all transactions.  You can ,Keep ACT backups in One drive but not the .alf and adf.  you could even keep the supplemental files folder there if you choose.

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