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Data import function issues

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Data import function issues

Wondering if anyone knows a work around for this. 


I need to be able to import data from another system and merge it into existing conact information in ACT.  

The data for import is in tab delimited format with the contact name as the common element between the ACT database and the source text file.


The source file has just two fields - contact name and a date.  I need the date field to be updated.


Unfortunatley when I use the import function ACT does not want to merge the information.  It will either not make any changes, or set up a new contact entry with the Contact Name and the data field.   


I have tried all the import options (Merge, Replace with newest, Replace with source)   and have been pulling my hair out wondering why it won't do what is is supposed to do.


Any tips or suggestions.

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Re: Data import function issues

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You will need an addon for this like Merge Admin from ASDS computers as this allows updating a single field during the merge import process.



Content edit.  Fixed link.

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