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Data corruption in version 11

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Data corruption in version 11

One of the problems I periodically experience with Act is data corruption--in particular activities. For some unexplained reason recurring tasks don't get handled correctly by the system. I only discovered that this is still happening with version 11 the other day when I tried to clean up old, completed tasks from last year after I had made a backup. The Act fix&repair utilities run without any problems, and do not indicate that there are any structural issues with any of the database tables. However, after I remove old, completed tasks, for say 60 days (any cut-off date does the same) ALL of my scheduled tasks and calendar items are removed from the database. This does not seem to depend on the cutoff date, either. As an experiment, I tried to export the data to another, new database. There is no problem. However, there are no tasks transfered. I also tried to create a lookup based only on active tasks (it creates a database of contacts that have active tasks). In this latter case, when I go to the new database, and perform the cleaup, all of the task are removed again (and the calendar is blank). Obviously, I am transfering corrupt data.


Another symptom of the programming bug, is that after transferring the data to a new database, a number of the tasks show up in the new database as "locked" and I am unable to remove or modify them. All of these tasks were entered by me in the old database.


Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer to a new database a limited range of tasks (say for a specific week or time interval)?


Does anyone know if there is a utility that will allow me to view the Act data tables in their entirety? On thing that I have noticed is that if you drag a task to another date on the calendar, it sometimes gets recorded to the database with a start date later than the finish date. This is a programming bug. The data checker should not allow this, but it does. There may be other bugs in the system, which the individuals responsible for the system have missed, but which would be easy enough to spot and correct if I could view the data in complete tabular form.

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Re: Data corruption in version 11

What version(s) of ACT! did you migrate from?

Did you have a large number of recurring activities with no end date set?


Activities table can not be accessed directly to affect changes.. You need to go through the SDK (Software Develiopment Kit) to access them. We have found that the Activities tables do exhibit odd behaviour from time to time when trying to remove tasks. I suspect that a database is more prone to have problems if the Activities were migrated from version 6.0 or earlier in a damaged condition, or if recurring Activities are frequently scheduled with no end date. No end date as a  default in ACT! recurring Activities is poor design which needs fixing. A simple alert for users to set a sensible end date when scheduling would alleviate it.  

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